Many times, when recruiting for temporary positions, the top question asked by most candidates tends to be: “Is there a chance that this may turn into a permanent position”?

Interestingly, most candidates may not realize that a large part of the answer to that question often actually lies within themselves.

Temporary workers have the unique opportunity to “try on” the professional and cultural environment before making a long term commitment, but of course, this works in both directions. Many companies now use the “temp-to-hire” model as their primary hiring system, in order to make permanent hiring decisions based on true performance – not based on words exchanged during a job interview.

So, what can you do to increase your chances of converting from a temporary worker to a full-time employee?

– Focus on first things first – providing top quality service and results – realize that you are viewed as an hourly cost – make every hour count!

– Always be prompt with start times, meeting times and in clear communication when and if overtime is necessary or needed – remember, the client needs to approve every hour of overtime in advance!

– Realize you are being heavily scrutinized, so behave accordingly – this means managing your time and personal communications properly (watch the texting and personal phone calls!) and be cognizant and diligent when it comes to time spent for lunch or scheduled breaks…

– Act “as if”…if it is hard to discern the temporary worker from the full-time employee, you may be on the right track! Pay close attention to the company rules, dress codes, etc., and abide by them, but be careful not to get involved with “office drama” or politics…

– If there is a lull in activity or you are close to completing your work, make it a point to find out how and who to ask for more…prospective employers like to see willingness and enthusiasm!

– Communicate with your recruiter – make them aware of what’s happening at your client site, and all inquiries about converting to permanent or anything else pertaining to your experience at the site should always be communicated to your recruiter first…

The bottom line is, if you are doing everything you can to provide the highest level of value to your client, you will already be doing everything you can to turn a temporary situation into a permanent career opportunity…and even if there are other reasons you are not converted (hiring freezes, budget cuts, etc.) will most certainly benefit from very positive professional references!

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