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Internship to Full Time Career Opportunity

When do you know you’ve landed the perfect internship? When the opportunity nurtures your most valuable qualities and leads you to a full-time job!

An internship is a great way to gain real world work experience. When you find an internship that is the right fit, it can lead to a full-time opportunity. A recruiting internship at Oxford Solutions will give you a feel for what it’s like to work in a corporate sales office. Ultimately, an internship at Oxford Solutions can lead to a full-time role in a challenging and rewarding career in Recruiting and Inside Sales. Mitch Pietrone exemplifies the qualities it takes to turn an internship into a full-time gig.

Mitch’s Story

Mitch Pietrone, IT Recruiter

Mitch Pietrone is a recruiter here at Oxford Solutions. Prior to getting hired full-time, he worked at Oxford Solutions as an intern. Before his internship, he was working a seasonal retail job. That is where he met Jen Wilcox. She told him about the open internship. Mitch was majoring in Strategic Communications at Edinboro University. After learning more about the internship, he felt his communication skills and personality would match perfectly to the recruiting and staffing industry. During the summer of 2019, Mitch interned at Oxford Solutions.

This was Mitch’s first internship. It was his first experience working in a corporate office environment. At first, he found the corporate sales office intimidating. But his colleagues made him feel welcomed. And he enjoyed coming to work.

What qualities make a great intern? Professionalism and dependability as well as a willingness learn and work hard. Before long, our managers knew Mitch had what it would take to make him successful as a recruiter.

Staffing agency recruiting is very goal-oriented and competitive. Consequently, Oxford Solutions recruiters and sales executives are hungry and motivated. They work tirelessly to find the best and brightest candidates to fill high level roles with clients. Mitch worked right alongside senior recruiters, account managers and office support staff. He trained to learn the full lifecycle recruiting process. Diving right in helped him decide if recruiting would be the right career path for him.

The Perfect Fit

Mitch returned to school upon completion of his summer internship. Then he graduated in April 2020. After graduation, he inquired to see if Oxford was hiring. Oxford Solutions was overjoyed to hire Mitch on full-time. Mitch proved a perfect match for a Recruiter role. His willingness to learn, his drive and competitive nature exceeded expectations.

There is no question that he has come full circle. Currently, Mitch plays a vital role in mentoring new interns. This is where he shows his true leadership qualities. For example, a recent intern that returned to school personally thanked Mitch for his support and guidance during her time as an intern. It is evident that Mitch has paid his experience forward.

Are you interested in an internship in a corporate office? Are you eager to gain communication, recruiting and inside sales experience? Apply today! Or you can email Kristy Hopson at if you have questions or for more information. You can also check out Oxford Solutions on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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