In today’s fast-paced market, flexibility is the name of the game…whether it is a short-term mission-critical project, or the need to manage overhead costs. Oxford can provide a variety of flexible staffing solutions.

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You decide where to drive the bus

Our expertise will help your Company get the right people on the bus. We will even recommend what seat they should sit in. Where you go, is up to you. Whether you have a mission-critical engineering deadline, need several IT professionals to win a consulting engagement or need to hire a strategic person to grow your company, Oxford Solutions can be your strategic staffing partner in Pittsburgh and beyond. We specialize in providing our clients with a quick response to their staffing needs with the highest quality resources.

Contingent Workforce Delivery

In May of 2017, Oxford Solutions opened a division specifically focused on Contingent Workforce Delivery (CWD) for enterprise clients utilizing Master Service Providers for their enterprise staffing needs.

The division has experienced great results with their focus on the following 3 areas:

  • Coverage – the CWD team works relentlessly to provide at least 2 candidates in 24 hours for each job that comes in giving us 100% participation in program
  • Quality – We don’t simply send the first candidates we see, but rather the right candidates. At least 70% of our candidates receive interview requests.
  • Efficiency – We aim for a 20% fill ratio. Again, focusing on the right candidates not sending every candidate

We offer true partnerships to the programs we engage for contingent labor needs.

  • Unique 5 point metric delivery system
  • 95% participation across programs
  • Specialized industry experience
  • Centralized onshore recruiting hub
  • Active in over 46 states

We aim to be your #1 provider for contingent labor!

Areas of Expertise:

On-Shore Specialized Contingent Workforce Delivery Teams

We focus on the following industries:

  • Finance, Banking, Insurance
  • Oil and Gas
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Utilities and Energy
  • Entertainment and Mass Media
  • Aerospace, Defense, Airline and Avionics
  • Telecommunications
  • Software Technology
  • Retail

Existing Master Service Provider Relationships

We are likely already Partners with your Partners!

Oxford’s CWD team has experience working to grow its partnerships with the MSPs

Good news! We are already set up to get started*! Below is a list of our current MSP partners:

  • Pontoon Solutions
  • Monument Consulting
  • KellyOCG
  • Barpellam
  • Guidant Group
  • Volt
  • Randstad RightSource
  • Monument Consulting
  • Geometric Results Inc (GRI)
  • ProUnlimited
  • Adcecco

*We are setup in supplier databases and should be easily found if a program sponsor reaches out to an MSP to have us added.

Vendor Management System (VMS) Expertise

Oxford’s Contingent Workforce Delivery team understands that the goal of the VMS is to let hiring managers prioritize their work needs without being bothered for feedback. We know how to “read the tea leaves” and understand based on feedback in the system what jobs are priority.The CWD team is well-versed in the following VMS’s and can quickly ramp up with any new VMS given their industry experience. Below is a list of current VMS’s that Oxford works in:

  • Fieldglass
  • Beeline
  • WAND
  • Along with several proprietary websites

Looking to optimize you current supplier list or add an additional resource? Please give me a call!

Graham Collins

National Contingent Workforce Delivery Manager


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Client Testimonials

“We have had the pleasure of working with Oxford Solutions for the past several years. Prior to us working with Oxford, our IT staffing assignments were behind. In short order, we were fully staffed and running on all cylinders thanks to Oxford. The Oxford staff helped me through several staffing assignments, not to mention that they were also able to educate me on new technologies, salary ranges and also provided an overall insight as to what we should be looking for in a candidate’s background. Unfortunately for us the same positive experiences have not been felt working with other companies.”

“I have worked with Oxford Solutions for many years and with multiple organizations. When I left my former firm and was hired as the Chief Human Resources Officer of my current firm, Oxford was one of the first vendors that I called. They are good at finding niche, hard-to-find technical employees and are great at building positive relationships. They excel because they consistently provide us with high-quality candidates on a rapid basis and have developed a personalized sense for our needs – they know us and our culture which allows them to meet our needs. We will continue to consider Oxford Solutions as our top vendor of choice.”

Oxford Solutions has become our solution to the difficult staffing requirements that we have found ourselves faced with this past year. Oxford has provided several qualified candidates in a timely manner for each position that we have contacted them for and have resulted in the placement of several excellent people that we are happy to say are wonderful additions to our workforce. They have made believers out of several of our managers that had reservations about using a staffing firm! I am more than satisfied with the service and the quality of people that we have received, and I will continue to use Oxford Solutions for our staffing needs and I would recommend them to companies that are looking to fill their needs and to people that are looking for employment opportunities.”


Fanatical Discipline. Integrity. Passion.

And these are just three of our Corporate Values, values that we live by.  We’re also known for Hard Work, sense of Commitment and Fun…we truly enjoy working hard for our clients and employees.  We strive to affect people’s lives in a positive way.

Since 1998, Oxford Solutions has earned a reputation as the “go-to” firm to consistently provide the talent needed for our clients to achieve their temporary or permanent staffing needs.

Our specialties include:

Engineering Resources

Oxford Solutions knows Engineering Services…this was the first line of services offered when we opened our doors in 1998. When providing highly specialized services, particularly in the engineering field, it is important to begin with a thorough understanding of what is truly needed. We bring depth and experience to the table, having worked for the past 15 years with Western PA’s largest and most well-known engineering firms to span manufacturing, construction and engineering consulting services. We are known for our ability to understand and translate our clients’ needs.

Information Technology Resources

Oxford Solutions is a proven performer when it comes to identifying and providing the most highly talented information technology resources in the area. We have provided highly skilled IT resources to both startups and Fortune-ranked companies. From Programming to Project Management, our highly talented staff has been working directly with technology skill sets for over 15 years, so we know what to look for and how to qualify technology experience and depth.

Accounting/Financial Resources

Oxford’s highly specialized recruitment services include depth and experience in the areas of accounting and finance. We understand the importance of integrity and strict attention to detail in highly sensitive financial matters, which is why we place particular emphasis on the thoroughness of our recruiting methodology when working with financial professionals. We will take all the necessary steps to ensure this integrity, making sure that our candidates qualify through a multilevel screening process that is designed to “zero in” on only the most highly qualified individuals.

Oil and Gas Resources

Oxford Solutions can provide a wide range of resources from specialized engineers to key project support members dealing with important aspects of natural resource production including: project controls, planning & scheduling, design engineering and project management for projects from cradle to grave, spanning all sectors; upstream, midstream and downstream.

We offer a variety of flexible staffing solutions.

At Oxford Solutions, we realize that clients are driven to engage our services for many reasons, whether it is about carefully managing growth, complementing an already superior staff quickly, or the need for a flexible solution to staff a new project, without committing to costly overhead. Oxford can deliver prescreened, highly experienced talent in any of the flexible options below:

  • Contract Staffing Services
  • Contract-to-Hire Services
  • Direct Hire Services
  • Payrolling Services
  • On-Site Corporate Recruiting Services

We offer a variety of flexible employment options.

Oxford Solutions is a rapidly growing staffing company that places talented professionals into challenging, career-enriching opportunities. Although we provide multiple avenues of employment to include contract-to-hire and direct placement, we specialize in contract project assignments generally in duration of six months or greater. There are many different opinions regarding the benefits and perceived risks associated with contract work, but with more than 15 years of experience focused on this model, we have come to find the following positive reasons to consider staffing assignments:

  • A great opportunity to gain real-world ‘job experience’ for an individual that is just entering the workforce.
  • An opportunity to work in an environment for a fair amount of time to evaluate whether it is an appropriate fit for your career.
  • Access to the “hidden job market.”
  • Great resume builder, ability to get prestigious company names on your resume, while gaining valuable experience.
  • An excellent way to experience different corporate cultures, tackle new challenges, and avoid company politics.
  • Flexibility.
  • An efficient way to network, meet new people, sharpen social skills.
  • Truly learn the important aspects of project work, budget management, timelines, etc.
  • Provide a secure living during a tight employment market.

Looking For Work?

Put your resume in the hands of professionals…

Even if your skill sets or interests don’t precisely match our current openings, please give us a call…we will classify your skills and create and maintain a permanent personal file for future positions. Your information will be kept confidential and will not be released without your permission.

What People Are Saying:

“I have to say that your company has gone above and beyond to find the perfect candidates.  Keep up the good work and if you ever need any reference for potential clients please know I would be willing to vouch for you and your company.”

HR Manager - Pittsburgh, PA

Current Employees


Employee Rights (Families First Coronavirus Responsive Act – FFCRA)

Click on the link to download information on paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave during the Coronavirus Pandemic.


Quality Refers Quality!

We are always on the lookout for talented, experienced technical professionals that have the desire to gain valuable experience in order to take their careers to the next level.

Contact Your Recruiter for More Information on Our Career Opportunities

Thank you for your inquiry, we are looking for talented, experienced technical professionals that have the desire to gain valuable experience in order to take their careers to the next level.

Our Benefits

Oxford Solutions will customize a benefits package to meet your needs that may include any of the following:

  • Competitive Hourly Rates
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Vacation
  • Health Insurance
  • Bi-Weekly Pay
  • Direct Deposit Program
  • Career-Enriching Professional Experience
  • Career Guidance
  • Resume Assistance

Our Hiring Process

The Right Place for the Right People

We consider true success to be a 3-way win…our client gets the right person for the job, our candidate gets their dream job, and we are compensated for a job well done.

  • The right place to work.  We take a consultative approach to assisting our clients, working hard on the front end to understand the true needs of our clients – for either short- or long-term engagements. Our sales process always includes meeting our clients in person, and on-site – which helps us best to understand the environment our candidate will be working in.
  • The right people.  Our interview practices include telephone and face-to-face interviews, thorough reference checking and the ability to provide detailed pre-employment screenings (as well as E-Verify compliance) and targeted skills testing. We do our best to ensure the highest quality, and highest qualified people for the job.
  • We’re flexible. Whether it’s a short-term mission-critical project, or the need to manage overhead costs…we offer contract employees, contract-to-permanent arrangements, direct placement services, or we can place an employee you have found on your own on our payroll to help you manage your overhead costs. If necessary, we can create a custom-tailored approach to solve your staffing needs.

The lines of communication are wide open.

We pride ourselves on clear, honest and open communication. Our clients, candidates and employees have a clear understanding of the status of any issue or where we stand in the process. By being clear and upfront, and never afraid to “face the brutal facts,” we manage with clarity and decisiveness.

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About Us

The Right Place for the Right People

Since 1998, Oxford Solutions has solidified our reputation as a reliable, cost-effective staffing solutions provider…whether it’s a mission-critical project of any magnitude, or simply to fill a necessary temporary opening to keep operations running smoothly. We differentiate ourselves in the local market with a passion for excellence in all we do, making significant investments in internal training and development for our employees while taking advantage of cutting-edge technology accelerators. Oxford Solutions was founded and is managed to this day with the philosophy that excellence is achieved by coupling a focused, consistent strategy for employee growth with thorough methodologies that are constantly improved. Put simply, great people in a great system equals great results. Our deliberate approach to success allows us to continually rise in the ranks among Pittsburgh’s fastest-growing companies. We are committed to practices which are both flexible and effective. Oxford Solutions applies this focused approach to every requirement we work on, literally crafting a unique strategy for each situation in order to identify resources that mostly remain ‘invisible’ to the average staffing firm operating a “cookie-cutter” approach to both recruiting and sales.

To learn more about Oxford Solutions, download our brochure.

Leadership Team – Get to know our leadership team.

Matt Fenton – President/Owner

Matt Fenton Matt was born in Pittsburgh, PA and grew up in the city neighborhood of Lawrenceville. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a dual degree in business and economics. Matt began his career in the staffing industry as a recruiter. He has placed over 1,000 technical professionals throughout the Pittsburgh area during his career. Matt founded Oxford Solutions in 1998 in 500 square feet of office space. His early vision was to form a company where he would want to work and to create a culture where people actually looked forward to coming to work. Matt sees his role as a coach and works to get the absolute best from each person on his team. Matt understands the balance between structure, discipline, hard work and at the same time not taking yourself too seriously. Oxford’s culture reflects these values. It is not uncommon for the staff to engage in a team workout at the local gym, a competitive ping-pong game, a basketball game at lunch or a kickball game at the annual company picnic. Matt is proud to have ranked 43rd on the Pittsburgh Business Times Fastest Growing Companies list. In keeping with his philosophy that great individuals in a great system will yield great results, Matt hires exceptional individuals that strive to do their best work each and every day.

Graham Collins – Recruitment Manager

Graham is a seasoned recruiting veteran with over 8 years of agency recruiting experience. He has been with Oxford Solutions for more than 5 years. During his time as a recruiter, Graham was a top performer. He focused on recruiting for engineering-related roles. Graham is a graduate of Allegheny College with a degree in Economics. He thrives on challenge and competition. Prior to his college career, Graham honed his competitive edge as a record-setting athlete in football and basketball. He is highly creative and trains recruiters to “think outside of the box”. In addition, he is highly skills with technology and systems tools. As a result, he is able to provide a solid foundation for training and developing recruiters in system processes.

Kristy Hopson – Office Manager

kristy Kristy is integral to smooth operations at Oxford Solutions. As a matter of fact, she is the “go-to” person for a wide range of important functions within the company. A Pittsburgh native, Kristy brings a degree in Business along with over 15 years of in-depth experience. Her expertise spans everything from Cash Management, to Benefits Administration and the full range of employee benefits packages and Human Resources. Kristy’s experience for most of her career has involved recruiting and staffing. Hence, she is a perfect fit for Oxford Solutions. Since joining Oxford in 2011, Kristy has also added to her responsibilities by heading up the daily management of the back office. In this role, she provides oversight to the highly skilled team that support key operations functions for the company.



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