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Working on Contract Could Work For You

What does it mean if you work on contract? Are you just a temporary employee that moves from one assignment to another? Not usually. For the most part, contract roles are assignments that last between 3 months to a year. Of course they can go longer than that. With that being said, are there any benefits to choosing contract work? Or is it always better to be hired directly by a company? Working on contract could work for you.

It’s possible you never considered taking a contract job before or maybe you are just looking to get back into the workforce. Following are some reasons to consider taking a contract job.


Our recruiters and account executives work with small business, manufacturers, engineering firms and Fortune 500 companies. When we work with you, we can help determine what kind of company would be the best cultural fit for you. Small office? Remote work? Short commute? Cookouts at lunch? We have over 20 years of staffing expertise. We have worked with companies in Pittsburgh and nationwide. This includes placing contractors in 46 states. As a result, we have the experience to know what kind of company would be a good fit for you.


A contract role is a great way to build relevant experience in the field. For example, if you are new to the IT industry, a contract role is a great way to gain on the job technical experience. In addition, if you are a recent college graduate with a degree in finance or accounting, a contract role can be a great way to break into corporate finance. Another possibility is that you’ve stepped away from the workforce for awhile and want to find a way to break back into a particular field. Ultimately, a contract role could be just the right avenue to a full-time role.


It is sometimes hard to land the perfect job at a Fortune 500 company. In most cases, you are applying for a full-time position along with 1,000s of other applicants. Taking a contract role is a good way to get your foot in the door and see what it’s like to work there. Contract opportunities give you lots of options too. While you might not be a good fit for one opening, you just might be the perfect fit for something else.


Most importantly, our Recruiters will always have your back. In other words, when you work with one of our recruiters, they will act as your personal “agent”. That is to say their goal is to present your best traits to a hiring manager to find you a great career opportunity. Recruiters help negotiate contract terms and pay rates for you. In addition, you will get resume tips and interview preparation advice you normally wouldn’t get if you were applying somewhere on your own.

It all starts with a conversation. The coaching is free. It’s up to you to decide how to play the game.

Below is a testimonial from one of our contractors. This will give you an idea of what it’s like working on contract with Oxford Solutions.

The experience at Oxford Solutions has been a great learning tool. The company I work for treats me like their own which is the best thing a person working for a temp agency would want. The thing I most appreciate about working for Oxford Solutions is that they answered my questions and helped put me in a position to succeed. My recruiter made the connection between candidate and company and it showed that my skills meshed with what the company wanted.

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